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Python GPX Import Coordinates

Gpx (GPS Exchange Format) is a common file format used to store exported GPS data. In this post I use the python module gpxpy to simply import the gpx coordinates from a gpx file. Search for Python Geospatial Analysis on Amazon [Sponsored Link] Python GPX Import Made Easy With gpxpy A Python GPX import is… Read More »

Where Were the 5000 Small Business Owners?

Where Were the 5000 Small Business Owners? A bit of a backlash A couple of days ago the Daily Telegraph published a list of 5000 small business owners who signed a letter in support of David Cameron’s Conservative party. Since it’s publication, however, there has been a bit of a backlash, with the letter being… Read More »

Europe World War 2 Shapefiles

Europe World War 2 Shapefiles After spending some time searching World War 2 shapefiles for Europe, I’ve finally found some. This collection of shapefiles from the Stanford Spatial History Project covers the changes in borders, governments and allegiences throughout the conflict. Shapefiles are provided for a month-by-month representation of the changes. Other details include: Country… Read More »