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Wargaming Campaigns

Playing wargames as part of a campaign is a good way to make them more interesting and compelling. Setting up wargaming campaigns can seem intimidating, but thankfully there are some standard approaches that can be used. This post describes some common ways wargaming campaigns are run as well as some examples where you can see… Read More »

WW2 Unit Frontages

The frontage of a unit is the length of the front line that a unit is responsible for. In this post I have summarised the approximate frontages for a range of world war two units, from a section of around 10 men up to a division of around 10,000 men. WW2 Unit Frontages The summary… Read More »

Time Team Map of Episodes

Time Team was a TV series which involved a team of archaeologists, surveyors, artists and other specialists spending three days to investigate an archaeological site. Episodes were mainly focused on the UK, but there were also some as far afield as Spain and America. I thought it would be interesting to see how episodes were… Read More »

Europe World War 2 Shapefiles

Europe World War 2 Shapefiles After spending some time searching World War 2 shapefiles for Europe, I’ve finally found some. This collection of shapefiles from the Stanford Spatial History Project covers the changes in borders, governments and allegiences throughout the conflict. Shapefiles are provided for a month-by-month representation of the changes. Other details include: Country… Read More »

Map of World War 2 Air Ferry Routes

Map of World War 2 Air Ferry Routes During the World War 2 air ferry routes were used to safely transport equipment, personel and supplies across the globe. Search for the Atlantic Ferry Routes on Amazon [Sponsored Link] The wikipedia articles for the main routes didn’t seem to have a map image, so I thought… Read More »