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Seaborn Python Plotting Library

I’ve recently been looking into python packages that could help improve the appearance of matplotlib – the venerable, go-to plotting library for Python. For quickly plotting some data vanilla matplotlib generally does just fine, but for truly ‘publication-ready’ plots, you’ll probably want to look to one of the more advanced libraries. In this post a… Read More »

Origin Linked Axis

How to Create a Linked Axis in Origin Right click on your graph to bring up the ‘layer management’ dialogue. Add layers if Needed I’m going to be using the layers generated when I created subplots, but you might need to add an extra layer to hold your new axes. You can set up your… Read More »

How to create Origin Subplots

How to Create Subplots in Origin Subplots can be  a useful way to display data clearly. In this post I show you how to use Origin to plot data as subplots. This guide was made using Origin 8, but I imagine something similar should work with other origin versions. Plot Your Multiple Data Sets We… Read More »