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Export L-Edit Config Settings

Export L-Edit Config Settings L-Edit is a piece of powerful layout design software. As you use it you will probably make changes to the configuration, such as keyboard shortcuts and other settings. This post shows you how you can export these customisations as a config file which you can save as a backup, or to… Read More »

L-Edit Change Layer Rendering

L-Edit Change Layer Rendering When designing layouts in L-Edit being able to change the appearance of different layers is very important. Sensible selection of layer rendering can make editing design files much easier. This post shows you how to change the rendering in different layers in L-edit. Setup Layers The settings for changing the appearance… Read More »

How To Do L-Edit GDS Import

How to Do L-Edit GDS Import GDS is a common data format for dealing with layout files. L-edit is a very powerful software package, but unfortunately for a new user even simple tasks like importing files can prove to be problematic. To help you out, here is a quick guide for how to do L-edit… Read More »


How to Get Around the Missing ENDEL Error in ECP Get around the GDS ENDEL Error: “GDS Error: Missing ENDEL!” in ECP by first flattening your gds file. ECP – Exposure Control Program I use the ECP CAD program to write electron beam lithography patterns. Although ECP has its own primitive pattern editor, I prefer… Read More »