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Origin Linked Axis

How to Create a Linked Axis in Origin Right click on your graph to bring up the ‘layer management’ dialogue. Add layers if Needed I’m going to be using the layers generated when I created subplots, but you might need to add an extra layer to hold your new axes. You can set up your… Read More »

How to create Origin Subplots

How to Create Subplots in Origin Subplots can be  a useful way to display data clearly. In this post I show you how to use Origin to plot data as subplots. This guide was made using Origin 8, but I imagine something similar should work with other origin versions. Plot Your Multiple Data Sets We… Read More »

Origin atan Fit

One of the useful features of Origin is its ability to easily fit functions to data. Unfortunatly atan isn’t one of the functions built in to origin. In this guide show you how to make and fit your own Origin atan function. Make and Fit Your Origin atan Function This quick guide shows you how… Read More »