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Wargaming Campaigns

Playing wargames as part of a campaign is a good way to make them more interesting and compelling. Setting up wargaming campaigns can seem intimidating, but thankfully there are some standard approaches that can be used. This post describes some common ways wargaming campaigns are run as well as some examples where you can see… Read More »

WW2 Unit Frontages

The frontage of a unit is the length of the front line that a unit is responsible for. In this post I have summarised the approximate frontages for a range of world war two units, from a section of around 10 men up to a division of around 10,000 men. WW2 Unit Frontages The summary… Read More »

Amazing Old How It Works Videos

Before there was the Discovery Channel, How Stuff Works and How Its Made, there were film makers producing educational films. Thankfully for us quite a few of them are now available on YouTube. In this post if picked out a few of my favourite old how it works videos. How Differential Steering Works This video… Read More »