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L-Edit Export GDS File How To

L-Edit How to Export a GDS File L-Edit, part of the Tanner Tools suite of circuit design software uses it’s own ‘tda’ file format. If you want to send your designs to other people for review or production, you’re probably going to want to use the GDS format. This short guide shows you how to… Read More »

How To Do L-Edit GDS Import

How to Do L-Edit GDS Import GDS is a common data format for dealing with layout files. L-edit is a very powerful software package, but unfortunately for a new user even simple tasks like importing files can prove to be problematic. To help you out, here is a quick guide for how to do L-edit… Read More »


How to Get Around the Missing ENDEL Error in ECP Get around the GDS ENDEL Error: “GDS Error: Missing ENDEL!” in ECP by first flattening your gds file. ECP – Exposure Control Program I use the ECP CAD program to write electron beam lithography patterns. Although ECP has its own primitive pattern editor, I prefer… Read More »

Convert From GDS to LinearRing

Convert From GDS to LinearRing GDS is a common format for electronic circuit designs, MEMS and other technologies.  At the moment I’m working on a project to convert from gds to a format for electron beam lithography. Whilst it might be possible to work directly with the gds files themselves, it made much more sense… Read More »

Layout Design Software

I spend quite a bit of time designing, viewing and reviewing 2d layout designs for lithographic masks. When I first started I found it difficult to navigate the many different layout design software packages available, so I’ve put together this list of some of the electronic circuit and mask layout design software I’m familiar with.… Read More »