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Work more efficiently with a power law

Power laws: we’ve seen them before Power laws describe many physical phenomena, but we’ll see here that a power law can help you to work more efficiently and more effectively. Examples of power law functions in science include black body radiation (described by the the Stefan-Boltzmann law), the movements of planets (described by the Newton… Read More »

Playing Nicely With Others – Answers for Academia from Software Engineering

There seem to be many parallels between academia and the world of software engineering, so what can academia learn from the development of ‘human factors’ in engineering. I am sure that engineering and science attract similar kinds of people: independent problem solvers who are wary of conventional management. Perhaps because it tends to be more… Read More »

List of micromagnetic simulation software

Data from micromagnetic simulation software has become a common sight in research papers – either as standalone work as support to experimental data. There are now quite a few choices for which micromagnetic simulation software to use. This list gives an overview of the micromagnetic solver packages I’m aware of. They’ve all got their own… Read More »