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Agile Teams Need More Experience

Agile teams typically need a critical mass of highly skilled people in order to be a success. If you are trying to transition from a conventional, plan-based approach to project management, you may find previously successful teams do not quite have the right balance of experiences. This post looks at some of the considerations and… Read More »

Help With Change: Unfreeze – Change – Refreeze

Change Can Be Difficult Change can be difficult. Difficult for the person or group that needs to change, and difficult for the person or people bringing about the change, or who need to make the change a success. These difficult changes can be on a personal level such as alcoholism, or smoking; or in the… Read More »

Lessons in Moderate Success

I enjoy finding out about the lives and work of the moderately successful; huge success always seems like an unattainable goal, while moderate success seems like a more reasonable target. I recently found this video by Jared Polin, a reasonably well known Youtube photographer who has around half a million youtube followers, a photography teaching… Read More »