OOMMF Tutorial

OOMMF is a very powerful and useful micromagnetic simulation code. It comes with an excellent, comprehensive user guide, but I found that I needed some extra notes of my own.

I’ve gathered them together here as a slowly growing OOMMF tutorial. I hope you find it useful!

Be sure to check out the official OOMMF User Guide too!

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OOMMF Tutorial

Part 1 – Install OOMMF and Tckl/Tk

Find out where to find OOMMF and how to install it on your system

Part 2 – Running OOMMF

How to load up OOMMF in Linux and Windows

Part 3 – Some Examples

I talk through some of the more useful examples that come with the OOMMF download.

Part 4 – Analysis Tools

A look at some of the built-in and third-party analysis tools available for OOMMF.

Part 5 – Some Tips and Advice

Some general tips for getting the most out of OOMMF simulations.

Part 6 – Scripting with python

Find out how take advantage of OOMMF’s scripting abilities using python.

Part 7 – Field Pulses

How to set up time-varying field pulses in your OOMMF simulations.

Part 8 – OOMMF on HPC

A few tips on using OOMMF on high performance computing clusters.



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