OOMMF Tutorial Part 8: OOMMF on HPC

By | February 5, 2015


HPC facilities can be very useful for speeding up OOMMF calculations, both in terms of number of cores you can throw at the problem, and the number of simultaneous calculations you can run at once.

This post is a few tips and tricks I’ve picked up as I’ve been using OOMMF on HPC.

Installing OOMMF on an HPC

You almost certainly don’t have root access on your HPC account. To install OOMMF without root, I suggest you read this guide.

Check your mif files

For the most part your desktop and HPC mif files will be identical, but be careful about setting the scripts to automatically display on mmDisp or mmGraph. This will almost certainly cause your job to hang, probably without any error being reported – very frustrating!

Be clever about automatic saving

If space allows, set your mif file to automatically save the omf magnetisation output every 1000 steps or so, this means that if you do happen to reach your computation time limit, you won’t have to go back to the start when you re-run your calculation.

But do keep in mind the point above – don’t try to automatically display the data on the HPC.

Use a master script

For large jobs I like to use a python master script – like this one here. This helps me organise my submissions and outputs, and allows me to quickly and easily iterate through various parameters I might be interested in.

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