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Change Windows Desktop Time Format

Change Windows Desktop Time Format This post shows you how to change the windows desktop time format into something a little more standard. Since I realised that it could help me keep my date-labelled files and folders in order, I’ve been a fan, supporter and advocate of ISO 8601, which sets the standard of yyyy-mm-dd.… Read More »

Windows Network Backup Script

A simple Network Backup Script for windows. This script uses synctoy to backup data from your local computer to a remote network drive. Run this script every time you want to backup your data to your remote drive. Find out more about using synctoy Network Backup Script Copy the below script into a text editor… Read More »

Synctoy Automatic Backup

“Backing up is easy, the hard part is remembering to do it” – a wise man With that in mind this post shows you how to automatically backup your files on your windows computer. For information on backing up a linux computer checkout this post on rsync. Microsoft Synctoy There are no doubt scores of… Read More »

How to Add Directories to Path

Adding a directory to the system path allows us to run executables win that directory from the command line. The PATH is an example of an environment variable. It is a list of directories where executable programs can be found. If we want our scripts or programs to be available from the command line we… Read More »