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Windows Network Backup Script

A simple Network Backup Script for windows. This script uses synctoy to backup data from your local computer to a remote network drive. Run this script every time you want to backup your data to your remote drive. Find out more about using synctoy Network Backup Script Copy the below script into a text editor… Read More »

Synctoy Automatic Backup

“Backing up is easy, the hard part is remembering to do it” – a wise man With that in mind this post shows you how to automatically backup your files on your windows computer. For information on backing up a linux computer checkout this post on rsync. Microsoft Synctoy There are no doubt scores of… Read More »

Git as backup

Backups are good. Version-controlled backups are better. After my scheduled backup managed to over-write the contents of an important matlab script I realised that I needed to incorporate version control into my backing up. http://codebetter.com/robconery/2009/12/15/using-git-as-a-backup-tool/is guide more comprehensive than I need for using git as a backup. The most important part is git add .… Read More »