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Useful Utilities

I’ve picked out a few of the utility programs that I find invaluable. Some of them I use everyday, and some of them I just like to keep around to get me out of trouble from time to time. Let me know in the comments which little programs you can’t do without. Launchy This is… Read More »

Layout Design Software

I spend quite a bit of time designing, viewing and reviewing 2d layout designs for lithographic masks. When I first started I found it difficult to navigate the many different layout design software packages available, so I’ve put together this list of some of the electronic circuit and mask layout design software I’m familiar with.… Read More »

The Stoner Python Package

The Stoner Python Package is an ambitious project by the Leeds Condensed Matter Physics Group. It brings together various existing scientific python packages for numerical computing and data analysis, and introduces its own classes and methods for analysis and manipulation. The idea behind the code seems a sensible one: standardise simple coding tasks to make… Read More »