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Software Testing vs Scientific Rigour

The CoViD-19 global pandemic has thrust modelling and analysis into the public eye in a way rarely seen before. One particular example is the CoViD model developed by MRC-IDE, which was a contributor to the UK response to the pandemic. The research team behind this model published their code on GitHub. As might be expected… Read More »

Use Vagrant With Git

Vagrant is a tool for managing virtual machines. By combining vagrant with git (and shared git repositories like github or bitbucket) it is possible to share machine configurations. This post explores how using vagrant with git works and some possible challenges with collaborating with vagrant machines. Sharing Virtual Machines Sharing virtual machine images can be… Read More »

Git/GitHub conflict resolution

I keep forgetting how to resolve conflicts in git. This stackoverflow question seems to explain things quite nicely. If there is a conflict git puts some lines in the conflicting file highlighting the conflict. You can open that file manually resolve the conflict. Manually resolving the conflict means editing the file to leave it as… Read More »