OOMMF Examples

By | February 18, 2014

See my updated OOMMF examples in my OOMMF Tutorial.

Some OOMMF Examples to get you going

OOMMF comes with many useful examples which are generally well covered in the detailed manual. Sometimes, however, it can seem like there are so many it’s not clear where to begin.

OOMMF Examples - Imageatlas.mif


To help out new OOMMF users I made some slides to highlight and breakdown some of the examples that I have found most useful.

The OOMMF examples in these slides cover:

  • anisotropies
  • applied field
  • initial configuration
  • using bitmaps to set initial magnetisation
  • varying alpha
  • time resolution
  • automatically setting outputs
  • analysing OOMMF data

OOMMF Examples - Built-in analysis

Of course, for more detailed descriptions of the functionality and capabilities of OOMMF you should check out the OOMMF user guide.

You might also want to check out my series of OOMMF tutorials.