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Comparison of Scientific Python Distributions

Scientific python Python, being the straightforward, versatile little language that it is, has for some time found it’s place doing the heavy lifting in much scientific data processing and analysis. Although the strength of its scientific and numerical packages has meant that it can readily square off against the likes of matlab and mathematica, I’d… Read More »

Python Tips: How to Load Data Into Python

In this post we’ll look at three different ways of how to load data into python. Loading date is the crucial first step before carrying out any data analysis or processing. We’ll look at methods that use just the core python modules, and those that use ‘numpy’, a numerical computing module for python. The script and… Read More »

Python tips: checking for updated input files

Introduction Loading files from python scripts can have many benefits such as for data analysis or setting script parameters. This article shows you how to not only load in a text file, line-by-line into a python list, but also how to keep checking for and loading updated versions of that file during a simulation run.… Read More »