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OOMMF Tutorial Part 9: OOMMF Matlab Import

How to work with OOMMF files in Matlab OOMMF can output both scalar and vector data. It’s easy enough to view this data using the built in programs in OOMMF, but what if you want to process or analyse your data further. This post shows you how to convert OOMMF vector files into a format… Read More »

OOMMF Tutorial Part 8: OOMMF on HPC

OOMMF on HPC HPC facilities can be very useful for speeding up OOMMF calculations, both in terms of number of cores you can throw at the problem, and the number of simultaneous calculations you can run at once. This post is a few tips and tricks I’ve picked up as I’ve been using OOMMF on… Read More »

OOMMF Automatic Output

To set OOMMF automatic output, just add lines similar to these to the bottom of your mif file. You can modify the detail to select which parameters to output, and how frequently. Watch this video for more about OOMMF automatic outputs: Image: walknboston; Some rights reserved