Open Archaeology Data

By | July 8, 2020

Archaeology can be an interesting source of data for projects or exploring analytical techniques. This post contains a few sources of open archeology data which you may wish to refer to.

Journal of Open Archaeology Data

This isn’t a repository of data itself, but the articles published in the journal of open archaeology data typically link to external data repositories. Being a journal rather than a specific repository means that you can find a diverse range of data to suit your interests or your project including things like maps, shapefiles and images.

Archaeology Data Service

The UK’s Archaeology Data Service is a digital repository for heritage data. It can be a bit difficult to find detailed data, and may be more suited to exploring metadata of different studies and documents.

The data services is also available as a sparql end point (read more about sparql and other sparql endpoints)

GIS StackExchange

This now archived question on StackExchange lists a number of different sources of archaeology data. It is mostly skewed towards mapping data (it was a GIS question), but it’s still a good entry point for more general data.


The website is a collaborative data sharing resource which requires a login to access the data, but it contains a growing list of diverse data sets including geophysics, lists of sites of interest and reports.