Crunchy Analytics

By | September 16, 2016

deloitte-crunchy-questionsSupporting decisions and providing insight are essential principles of data science. To provide this insight means having an understanding of the problems that people and organisations experience.

The consulting company Deloitte have put together some short guidance on what they call “Crunchy Questions” to help you start making a difference with data and analytics, and it’s definitely worth a look.

Analytical Focus

Crunchy Questions” identifies five key areas to help you focus your analytical thinking:

  • Customers
  • Supply chain
  • Finance
  • Workforce
  • Risk

Although Deloitte’s language perhaps has something of a business or commercial focus, their advice is readily applicable to many private, public or third sector organisations.

Getting Started

Some of the most valuable things about Crunchy Questions are the tips and advice for starting from scratch with analytics. It helps you get to grips with questions such as: Where should you start? What should your priorities be? How can you make sure an analytical pilot is well received?

Deloitte offer general advice for getting started as well as providing specific “crunchy questions” to point you in the right direction.

Don’t Let Technology Hold You Back

Another strong message in Crunchy Questions is that you shouldn’t let your technology (or lack of it) hold you back from making a difference with analytics.

Very often organisations (and individuals) already have what they need to get started with analytics and working with data – either with spreadsheet software, or open source analysis packages such as R.

Definitely Worth A Look

Honestly, I think anyone thinking about how to improve an organisation with data and analytics would do well to read this short but informative guide. There is enough background material and questions to get you started to make significant analytical progress and improvements.

Image: crazybobbles; Some rights reserved