sshuttle Ubuntu Install Instructions

By | May 8, 2014

sshuttle Ubuntu Installation

You’re on your way back home. You arrive at the airport and realise you need to check your emails. Helpfully this airport provides free wi-fi, but you’ve heard that using free wi-fi like that can be asking for trouble.

The solution to this problem could be sshuttle – a program which provides a way for you to safely tunnel your internet traffic through a remote computer. If you trust the internet connection of your remote computer, you can trust that your network activity is secure.

To install on ubuntu is simple

To install sshuttle ubuntu, just type this at the terminal:

sudo apt-get install sshuttle

Once installed just type this:

sshuttle --dns -vvr 0/0

Where are your login username (user) for your remote computer ( All your internet traffic will now be securely tunnelled through this remote computer.

You may need to adjust your local proxy settings if the remote computer is normally set up for this.

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