Windows ssh server cygwin setup

By | February 13, 2014

How to set up a Windows ssh Server With Cygwin

Connecting to your Windows computer is useful for transferring data over a network. I don’t have to always remember to keep a usb stick handy.

Bitvise: A personal use alternative to cygwin

For personal use I’ve found¬†bitvise¬† to be really useful, but unfortunately the free license doesn’t extent to computers in an organisation, so it is good to know how to set up a windows server using the cygwin, which emulates a linux environment in windows.

Setting up Cygwin as an ssh server

How to Geek have a good guide to setting up an ssh server using openssh on cygwin.

You can then connect to your windows computer using your normal login with a program like putty, or for file transfer winscp.

Setting up symbolic links: Connecting to the cygwin server will drop you into the cygwin home directory. To make it quicker to navigate around I like to set up symbolic links (shortcuts) to my windows folders.

ln -s -v target link_name

ln -s -v /cygdrive/c c

ln -s -v /cygdrive/c/<<user>>/Documents and Settings Documents

SSH keys are another way that we can make our life a little easier. I followed this guide to setting them up. This helps you to set up the ssh keys and transfer the public key to a remote computer (also with . This remote computer will now have permission to connect to your computer.