OOMMF 1.2a5 cygtel/wintel error

By | May 20, 2013

My windows installation of OOMMF 1.2a5 was giving an error* about my platform not being ‘cygtel’, and then failing to run.

To get around this error and allow OOMMF to actually run I just changed the filename of ‘cygtel.tcl’ (found in ‘/oommf/config/names/’) to ‘wintel.tcl’. I left the contents of the file the same.

Since there already exists a file called ‘wintel.tcl’ I renamed this to wintelOLD.tcl. (If you want to keep an ‘old’ version of ‘cygtel.tcl’ you will need to put it in a different folder, as OOMMF seems to get confused otherwise.)

* I don’t know exactly why this error was occuring. Possibly something to my having cygwin installed on my computer.