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Use Tox With Anaconda

Tox is a tool for building and running a matrix of test environments. This is useful when, for example, you need to support several different versions of python. You don’t want to have to manually run tests againsts each of your supported versions. This post shows you how you can use tox with anaconda. If,… Read More »

Anaconda Python Environments

Have multiple versions of Python on the same system with Anaconda Python environments. It can be good to have multiple versions of python on the same system for testing, development, or just to use packages only available in Python 2.7. If you try to do a conventional install of multiple python versions, you will probably… Read More »

Anaconda SPARQL Installation

Anaconda SPARQL Install With rdflib Package There are a few different Anaconda SPARQL options available for Python, but I’ve had some success installing the package SPARQLWrapper. You can install the SPARQLWrapper package by loading up the Anaconda Command Prompt and running: which should download and install the most recent version of the package. Go to… Read More »

Improve Your Python Code With pylint

The myriad recommendations and requirements of the Python Style Guide can be bewildering and difficult to remember for the uninitiated.  Pylint is a Python application that analyses your code and suggests where you could make it more readable and more inline with the Python style guide. Pylint takes much of the hard work out of… Read More »