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How to use OOMMF Oxs_PeriodicRectangularMesh

How to use the OOMMF periodic mesh Using the OOMMF periodic mesh (version 1.2a5) is very straightforward. You can simply replace your exising Oxs_RectangularMesh: Specify Oxs_RectangularMesh:mesh { cellsize {4e-9 4e-9 4e-9} atlas :atlas } With Oxs_PeriodicRectangularMesh, like so: Specify Oxs_PeriodicRectangularMesh:mesh { cellsize {4e-9 4e-9 4e-9} atlas :atlas periodic x } where the additional line periodic… Read More »

Notepad2-mod for editing OOMMF Files

I like using Notepad2-mod (see useful software, notepad2-mod webpage) to edit OOMMF mif files, but I do generally find it a lot easier to edit if the syntax is highlighted. Since mif files are essential tcl we can just tell notepad2 to treat mif files as tcl files for the purposes of highlighting: Open Notepad2-mod… Read More »