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How to use crontab – the linux task scheduler Scheduling linux tasks with crontab: http://kvz.io/blog/2007/07/29/schedule-tasks-on-linux-using-crontab/ A crontab generator: http://www.easycron.com/generator/cronjob Image: IJörg Weingrill; Some rights reserved

Install OOMMF 1.2a5 without root

Installing OOMMF in linux without root access can be difficult. The basic install procedure for OOMMF is quite straight forward: check you have tcl/tk, download the oommf source then run oommf.tcl pimake. This is fine when you have root access and can easily run the package manager to install the dev versions of tcl and… Read More »

How to install revtex4-1 in Ubuntu

How to install revtex4-1 in Ubuntu… I was having trouble installing revtex4-1 in Ubuntu (well, actually Linux Mint, but it’s based on Ubuntu…). Suggestions to use revtex4-1.zip did not seem to work for me. …use the ‘texlive-publishers’ package In the end I found the solution to be a package “texlive-publishers” (http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-995840.html) To get revtex4-1 to… Read More »