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Load Excel Files Into R

Whether we like it or not Excel is a common tool for working with data, so we often find ourselves wanting to load Excel files into R. In this post I show you a simple method for how to import data from different sheets of an Excel workbook into R. The way I like to… Read More »

From Statistics To Data Science

From Statistics To Data Science If you have a background in statistics, you may be in a good position to capitalise on the current demand for data scientists. Data science jobs and careers are often well paid, and practioners are in high demand. One way to move from statistics to data science would be to… Read More »

Analysis With Impact

Few people really want to make decisions without evidence, but time pressures and competing priorities can make achieving analysis with impact difficult. This post explores some of the ways you can make sure your analysis makes a difference. Put Yourself in The Decision-Maker’s Shoes Think about the the person you would like your analysis to… Read More »

Python Pandas for Physics

Python Pandas for Physics The Pandas package brings advanced data structures and data analysis tools to python. It was initially concieved for use in the world of finance, but can it be of any use to us interested in physics? For some time I’ve been trying to get to the stage that I can use… Read More »