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Learn About Simple Python Logging

Logging can offer much more flexibility than simply printing a message to the console but it can be difficult to know where to start. This post looks a some examples of simple python logging to get you started. Why ‘log’ instead of ‘print’? Printing to the console is usually one of the first things you… Read More »

Sort Pandas Boxplots

Make pandas boxplots more readable by sorting. Plotting with pandas dataframes usually works well, and makes it easy explore and visualise data. With simple pandas code like this: you can easily make charts like this from your dataframes: Sort Pandas Boxplots The default pandas boxplot easy easy to use, but it can be more clear… Read More »

Anaconda Python Environments

Have multiple versions of Python on the same system with Anaconda Python environments. It can be good to have multiple versions of python on the same system for testing, development, or just to use packages only available in Python 2.7. If you try to do a conventional install of multiple python versions, you will probably… Read More »